"Big Tech Oligarchs in Biden Administration overseeing Censorship!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (November 13, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "I'm going to guess platitudes and confusion. But for real, what can they expect?"

Jimmy Dore: "I guess he's anticipating a lot of tech problems. . . . you know, he's supposed to be regulating those companies. That's the whole point. [he's] supposed to be breaking up and regulating those companies, not putting . . . [sigh] OK."

Jimmy Dore: "What's The Force's task? To make everything worse? I bet that's their task."

[1:34] Jimmy Dore: "I guess he's got medical bills."

[1:59] Jimmy Dore: "In other words, the law is different for really super rich people. OK?"

[1:59] Jimmy Dore: "And the non-existent protections or tax laws in the country they do live in."

[2:38] Jimmy Dore: "I guess they've been promoting it in the Oligarch Facebook Group.

[3:02] Jimmy Dore: "You know what the world needs? More ways for billionaires to cheat."

[4:07] Jimmy Dore: "It will be derailed. And what will we get? We will get censorship. Common Sense Censorship that a lot of youtubers think is a good idea. Coming right from their billionaires, oligarchs, and their surveillance state. That's what we're going to get under Biden. We're not going to get regulation that we desperately need because Facebook and Google control seventy to eighty percent of all the news flow in America. Which means they have a lot more power than even politicians have. they control the news flow, they control the narrative in the country. And they're not going to break them up or do anything about it. But what they will do, under Schmidt, is they will censor you.

Jimmy Dore: "So there they are. The biggest lobbyers are now getting put right into his administration.

[5:27] Jimmy Dore: "I can't imagine this backfiring. What this means is we're going to find new ways to censor people in a bullshit attempt to help women. They're using the idea of fighting violence against women to promote violence against women by preventing speech that goes against their war lust. So if you're going to be speaking against the war, like we are, they're going to try and censor us and say that it's because of violence against women and they're protecting women. But what they're really doing is bombing women. Joe Biden is a bomber of women, all over the middle east, and the world. and he has committed a genocide in Yemen. and they're going to use violence against women to silence people who are actually speaking up against Joe Biden's violence against women. that's what's going to happen. And do you want to know how they're doing it?"

[6:37] Jimmy Dore" This is from June of this year. So you know all this. But I'll just go over this real quickly."

Jimmy Dore: "Now there are a lot of people on who have Youtube news shows who will say this is OK. That you shouldn't have to wait for a court, and you shouldn't have to have an adversarial process, and this can all be done in the dark at the behest of the FBI. There are literally people who consider themselves on the Left and who have Youtube news shows, who call themselves journalists who are cool with this. Because if you're cool with Mark Zuckerberg doing this to anybody, you're OK with him doing this here, and to you You don't get to pick and choose who gets censored once you give an unaccountable Silicon Valley billionaire the right to censor. They're going to censor everybody, just like they're censoring Jacobin magazine. Just like they're censoring these people. Just like they censored this show. We've been censored. And do you know who they got to do the censoring? A guy from the military and a guy who lies to people about Middle East wars on the regular from CNN. Those were their fact checkers. So, this is what's happening."

[8:22] Jimmy Dore: "So, do you see the people who are doing the censoring? Joe Biden is bringing them into his transition team right now. Get ready for more censoring. All the people who cheered on Joe Biden's presidency. And cheered on Mark Zuckerberg's censorship of people they don't like. And now it's coming for you. But it will never come for YOU, because you'll never say fucking anything that goes against the CIA's narrative of foreign policy.

[8:55] "But we will at this show which is why we've already been censored by Facebook.

[9:13] Jimmy Dore: "So Facebook got together with the FBI who said shut down these pages and Facebook did. Why? Because they don't want to be regulated. So they'll do whatever the FBI and CIA and the Atlantic Council says to do."

Jimmy Dore: "So the FBI told Facebook and instagram to remove it and they did. Atd, by the way, it's called the World Wide Web. It's not called The Web That the FBI Says is OK. It's not the FBI-approved-wide-web."

[10:24] Jimmy Dore: "The FBI has a task force set up to monitor dissenting views on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram

Jimmy Dore: "So, if they can somehow link you to Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea, they will say that what you're writing about is a threat to U.S. national security and they will take you down."

[10:57] Jimmy Dore: "So no matter what tenuous relationship, they're just going to say you have one. Just like they tried to say that this show had a relationship with the Assad regime because we were working with a peace organization, a non-interventionist organization. And then they can shut you down."

[11:34] Jimmy Dore: "So the FBI is out there doing that. Shutting down alternative news sources. That's what they want to do. That's what Mark Zuckerberg is doing. And that's who Joe Biden is in bed with. And there are some people on some of the biggest youtube shows who are cool with this. Publicly still cool with this. If you're cool with this, news for you, you're not a journalist and you're not on the Left. Newsflash. That's from a pot-head jaggoff comedian who does journalism way better than you."

[12:16] "So go ahead, keep Russiagating, which is what set this up for censorship to be visited upon the Left. It was told to the people who were Russiagating, in real time, if you Russiagate, it's going to be used against the Left to censor us. It's being used against the Left to censor us. And those same fucking morons are still Russiagating. And they're still cheering on censorship from the intelligence community. And they're still cheering on Joe Biden being elected. There's going to be more censorship under Joe Biden. That's for sure."

[13:02] Steph Zamorano [with a snarky look on her face and showing a graphic of a unicorn with its right front hoof in its mouth]: "Jimmy and I differ on these things, you know, because I feel safer knowing that the FBI is in our social media world: Google and Instagram and Facebook, and that they're protecting us from Bad Ideas. And I go back to -- time and time again -- Common Sense Censorship, Jim. Common Sense."