"How Trump Rebelled Against The Generals"
Moon of Alabama (January 17, 2020)

[makes reference to the following article:

Political Science’s “Theory of Everything” on the 2016 US Election
David Chibo, The Unz Review (January 19, 2017)

In early 2017, just as Trump was inaugurated, we wrote how of an old power center theory that seemed to explain how Trump won the elections:

That explanation has held up well. At the beginning of his regime Trump stuffed the White House with the military faction while the executive government -the deep state- wage a war against him. The corporate side of triangle of power was quite happy with his tax policies.

But Trump soon discovered that the military faction did not concur with his 'America first' isolationist tendencies. The 'grown ups' and generals wanted to explain to Trump why they believe that the U.S. needs many allies [i.e., "vassals"] and bases and why the many long wars the U.S. fights are sensible policy.

According to a new book, partly adapted in a Washington Post piece, that effort did not end well:

The meeting in the Tank, a secure conference room in the Pentagon, were part of an effort to subdued Trump's insurgency against the top military's world view. and the presentation by top generals came off as a lecture which Trump immediately disliked:

Bannon was right. Verbal scuffles about NATO, South Korea and U.S. bases followed. Then Trump took on the generals:

The discussion turned to the war on Afghanistan

When one reads the recent Congress testimony of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan one can see that Trump has a point. The war is long lost and the military is lying about it:

Trump's rant during the meeting with the generals continued:

A drill sergeant act performed on recruits with four stars on their shoulders. I find that quite impressive. Those perfumed princes must have fumed.

While some will certainly say that Trump disgraced the military with his rant most of the soldiers in the field will likely agree with his opinion about their generals.

Most of the 'dopes and babies' who were in that room have since been fired or retired. Their replacements are yes-men more to Trump's liking. They did not even protest about Trump's latest blunder. He rented out scarce air defense units to Saudi Arabia and went on to murder Qassem Soleimani in Iraq while the U.S. bases there no longer had air defenses to protect them against the inevitable retaliation.

The anti-Trump leaders of the executive side of the triangle have likewise been removed and replaced with people who are unlikely to put up a fight against Trump.

The third side of the triangle, the corporate faction, is happy that Trump pressed the Fed to douse the markets with free money. Unless the inevitable stock market crash comes before the election, which is unlikely, they will stick to Trump's side.

With all three sides of the triangle of power inclined o favor him or neutralized Trump seems to have a good chance to win the next election. That is unless he continues to follow the advice of neocons with a bad record and starts by shear stupidity a war against Iran.

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