"Biden Forfeits His Afghan Victory by Defending His Deep State Advisors (additional)"
Michael Hudson
Vineyard of the Saker (August 18, 2021)

Add: It is not an accident that the politicians backed by the United States are so corrupt, ruling corrupt bureaucracies that increasingly alienate local populations. There is a deliberate thought-out reason why American diplomats choose to work with such opportunistic grabitizers as clients whom they place in control. It is precisely such people whom the U.S. sponsors can trust.

Suppose that you have some truly democratic idealists whose aim is to develop their country. The problem is that such individuals cannot be trusted to follow U.S. diplomatic aims. They may act on their own – and go their own way, independently of U.S. direction. That is a risk that U.S. diplomats never choose to take.

The result is much like corporate bureaucracy, where opportunistic CEOs choose yes-men (or yes-women if they seek protective coloration by posturing as more woke). Such subordinates will support the boss in his own maneuvering, not serve the welfare of the firm. That is why Boeing preferred financial managers to engineers, whose logic might not be that of the increasingly financialized company.

The aim of U.S. “aid” is not to help the country – or even to help “America” – but to help U.S. arms exporters, contractors, big engineering firms, and neocon ideologues in the CIA and State Department, along with ambitious generals in the military seeking a path to promotion and retirement on the board of directors of the military-industrial complex. All this was expressed crisply by Zbigniew Brzezinski in famous advice for U.S. hegemonic strategy on the Eurasian continent: Its aim should be “to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and keep the barbarians from coming together.”

What kind of local leader indeed could one expect to implement such policy?