"To entrust affairs of state absolutely to any man is quite incompatible with the maintenance of liberty; and so it is folly to choose to avoid a small loss by means of the greatest of evils. But the perpetual refrain of those who lust after absolute dominion is, that it is to the essential interest of the commonwealth that its business be secretly transacted, and other like pretences, which end in the more hateful a slavery, the more they are clothed with a show of utility." Baruch Spinoza (1670)

Woeful World

Welcome to the World of Woeful
Greetings from the dirt and death
Stay awhile and savor slaughter
Exhale now your final breath

Hear the lies like lurid laughter
Sparkling poison comedy
See the snake-oil salesmen slurring
Pitches for their "remedy"

Pay no heed to bloody bungles
Never once demand to know
Why we still employ the vapid
Expectations set so low

Reach should not exceed the grasping
Crony crooks who count their sums
None should wonder at the wicked
Something that now this way comes

Karma works through all intentions
Bad ones drive the good ones out
So it comes as no surprise when
Ruptured ducklings start to pout

Not the rapture long envisioned
By the ones now left behind
Voting in the kind that robbed them
Hasn't cured the addled mind

Now betrayed by honest trifles
Factoids joined beneath the ken
Down where lizard language festers
Atavism conquers men

Swayed by dark emotion rampant
Arguing from ignorance
Proving fallacies by dictum
Sophistry beguiles the dunce

No defense through education
Chartered homeschools dummy down
Uncle Jim-Bob's paranoia:
City slickers come to town

Back through centuries of struggle
Abstract danger always near
Like Caligula on steroids:
Let them hate, just so they fear
Going backwards from prevailing
Onward to beginning soon
To the rear advancing daily
Losing Mars to gain the Moon

Two legs bad and four legs better
Animals all equal now
Pigs and men conspire at cheating
One another any how

Hope abandoned here on entrance
You who would not read the sign
Falsehoods you have swallowed freely
Truth you've chosen to malign

Now you've got what you had coming
What the duped so often get
Ripped off by the reigning monarch
"Winnings" from a lousy bet

Glad to have you join the party
Here no exit will you find
Woeful World indeed you've purchased
With this contract you have signed

Didn't read the fine print, did you?
Mephistopheles feels proud
Once again his whispered promise
Vanished in a bloody cloud

Iraq-Nam now has you stymied
Having done the dumb deed twice
Seems you thought the dry and damp heat
Had some bearing on your vice

You won't look into the mirror
You project your ebbs and flows
Others who are not your problem
Can't save you from what you chose

If we want to stop, we'll do it
Otherwise we'll stumble on
Wrecking both ourselves and them who
Will not play our puppet pawn

World of Woeful, what a wonder!
Who but we would waste away
Life and prospects for the future
Now, in our own blind today?

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2007