“We are a symbol using class of life. And those who rule the symbols rule us” — Alfred Korzybski

When Maps Become the Territory

You can’t do a Wrong thing the “right” way. But sadly,
a great many think that they can.
In fact, some do Wrong even worse than just badly:
they make Wrong the heart of their plan.
See, “Not Enough Wrong!” explains failure, as madly
attentions decrease in their span,
and “Even More Wrong means we win!” they shout, gladly
predicting the downfall of Man.
But what’s a Wrong thing, if you ask normal people,
the venal think perfectly “right.”
They easily tire hearing groans from the sheeple.
Of other than wealth they make light.
Just wave stars and stripes from the TV-set steeple;
with cheap symbols rule day and night.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023