War Drek: the Wrath of Can't

We tried to play at war again and failed,
as usual, despite the ones who railed
against the evil foreign leader, Him
who swept them all aside as at his whim

We tried again to play at war and blundered,
as usual, despite the ones who thundered
accusing skeptics of implied “collusion”
revealing only their own mad confusion

We tried to play at war once more but stumbled
while those who led us babbled, drooled, and mumbled
The crooks make off with all that they can grab
from everyone but those they cannot stab

We try to bully proxies into killing.
So called, the “Coalition of the Willing”
does all the dying while we flog the proles
to pay up or we’ll tax their very souls

Our Pentagon talks tough about the fight
that it has lost to everyone in sight
except for Panama, perhaps Grenada,
for which, in Spanish, no one says "de nada."

Yet as we flail about in fear and panic
the world can see our desperation manic
and so invents alternatives to dollars
which frees them from our bankers' loan-shark collars

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023