Twelve Sets of Footprints on the Moon

I Remember when we walked upon the Moon.

Our president had said we would
In less than ten-years time.
And we agreed, because we could
Do anything sublime,
Or difficult, or dangerous;
"It's there, so let us climb"
This thing called Space, he challenged us,
A nation in our prime.

But then he died. The Dream did not.
That lived. We would see to it.
What he had asked for, he had got:
Our willingness to do it.
Whatever. Name it. Cold or hot,
We'd walk or run right through it.
The one word we don't speak: "cannot."
Each problem, we'll subdue it.

It may seem hard to see this now
That Time has from us hid
Just what it meant to take a vow
That failure we'd forbid.
Success alone would we allow.
"Ten years is not too soon."
But still, we loved him, anyhow.
Then walked upon the Moon.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018