The WOKE Bait and Switch

How quickly the white and the black turn to yellow
As Democrats dither and bargain away
Whatever advantage the elderly fellow
Supposedly won on Inauguration Day

It seems that those checks for two thousands of dollars
Once promised “immediately” seem distant right now,
With the good little Donkeys back wearing their collars —
Dutifully drawing the Elephant's plow

The numbers first shrink by six hundred. Where’d they go?
Then four hundred more. Now a thousand, we hear,
Could possibly happen “in time” but for PAYGO
Which always insists that more jobs disappear

To balance the budget. "Austerity" beckons
When black, brown, and female and gay take the reins.
Just like with straight white men, theft happens in seconds.
The WOKE fall asleep while the rich take their gains.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2021