Rasputin and the Retard

We hear that Henry Kissinger
Has come around once more,
His battered ego trailing in
The dirt upon the floor
To offer for a princely sum
The counsel of a whore

This ruined and discredited
Rasputin on the take
Has smelled an opportunity
To sell some snake oil fake
To lordly swine who rightly fear
Due justice at the stake

He's found in Bush a kindred soul:
A poodle-screwing fool
As desperate a demagogue
Who ever dropped a stool
Into his drooping diapers as
He broke the Golden Rule

His own dead reputation he
Can not resuscitate
And so he seeks in George the Worst
A Prussian monarch mate
A bomber just like him with whom
He can commiserate

A tyro Torquemada who
Finds torture to his taste
Demanding dispensation for
Decisions made in haste
Like launching warfare unrefined
That he had never faced

To re-fight Vietnam and "win"
A "victory" at last
This vain and vicious Visigoth
Would have George bomb and blast
Another pipsqueak country like
He did back in the past

George asked us to go shopping while
He tapped the Nation's till
He told us not to worry, now
He says we must keep still
While he continues messing up
And sending us the bill

He says that if we do not stay
The "terrorists" will "win"
The bottom of the garbage pit
That he has dumped us in
Where now our troops must fight and die
As cover for his sin

But Henry the Hysterical
Still counsels Bomb and Bash
Like George he says to "stay the curse"
While pilfering our stash
They took off by themselves but want
Us with them when they crash

"We cannot lose our will," they say,
When we balk and refuse
Yet shopping on our credit cards
Has robbed them of their ruse
We have no will invested thus
We have no will to lose

But any way they pass the buck
It all comes back to him
Who blew the nation's wad on war
And did it on a whim
Who marketed a pack of lies
To sell his purpose dim

The bubbles in the nation's blood
Begin to pop and fizz
Responsibility abounds
Just never any his
An expectation set so low
That nothing lower is

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2006