Pan Galactic Party Pooper

The little pups rolled all around
And played and frolicked on the ground
They did not hear the awful sound
Of Dog decrying pleasure

For Dog had seen them having fun
So off he went to get his gun
To shoot those puppies one by one
In wrath too great to measure

But Dog's paws couldn't work the rod
So Dog went off to find a clod
Too dumb to think the killing odd
Who'd do the deed for treasure

Dog found a dupe down on his knees
Who promised for the proper fees
To slaughter worms, and birds, and bees
And do it at his leisure

Dog tried to make Its meaning clear
But George could only quake in fear
So Dog's bark entered in one ear
And caused a massive seizure

What happened then no one can know
As, drunk on Dog, George had to go
And clean his loaded gun for show
And thus -- his own erasure.

The pups will roll around some more
In ignorance of Dog's stern lore
They'll go on playing as before
Of this, we all can be sure

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2006