Mini Green Zone Outpost Diaspora

Far from the Green Zone Castle
In mini-Green-Zone forts
Our scattered forces "mingle"
With RPG retorts

Then when the ambush happens
The cavalry replies
And rides off to the rescue
With any handy guys

It takes perhaps an hour
Once timely news arrives
Of dead and captured soldiers
And lost Iraqi lives

Somewhere we've got a mission
That no one can explain
It promises to triumph
With just a bit more pain

For sure, we hear, our "leaders"
In uniform and not
With yet more blood and billions
Could plan an "ink stain" spot

They work in bits and pieces
A little here and there
And see some hints of "progress"
Just never any where

They travel to the future
And tell us what they've seen:
That things, absent their fuck-ups,
Would soon get really mean

We need them to continue,
They say of what they've done,
Because if we stop losing
The "bad guys" will have "won"

The country's off its rocker
When talk like this persists
While troop retention withers
And no one new enlists

Yet if they wreck the Army
Perhaps some good will come
For with no foreign legion
They might not act so dumb

It hurts to lose our soldiers
But many profit, too
So why give up the gravy
Slurped by the greedy few?

The country's lost its marbles
That such a thing should be
As suits and brass commanding
Naught but their perfidy

We've learned of those "belief tanks"
Where no one thinks of doubt
And "scholars" scream for "going in"
But not for getting out

We've got the dumbest "leaders"
Who ever walked the earth:
Those lowered expectations
Of less than zero worth

So tell us of the "new" plan
We cannot wait to hear
The brilliant scheme you've cooked up:
What next we have to fear

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2007