Jaded, Jingoistic Jingles

Someone else would choose, they said,
Those by whom we’d soon be led

Johnson? Nixon? who could tell?
Both pledged not to give us hell

Either way they picked the scam
We got more of Vietnam

Vote the Repugs; vote the Dems
Fall for their same stratagems

Vote them out then vote them back
Then get even more Iraq

Don't require to see the plan
Just have some Afghanistan

Don't suppose they think you dumb
Just that your soft head's gone numb

Lost your job? Laid off? Been fired?
Tax your kids before they're hired

If it's an election year
Count on them to flog some fear

Weddings by the queers, you say?
Pregnant women gone astray?

Immigrants out cutting lawns?
Burning flags while Congress yawns?

Hooked on gas and credit cards?
Just acquire some more canards

Fight them there; don’t fight them here
Don’t observe the danger near

Culture war and backlash, too
That’s all they intend for you

Watch them on your TV tube
Buy their bullshit retail, rube

Need some Bill to feel your pain?
Crooked talk straight from McCain?

Don’t thank them and don’t thank me
Thank your own stupidity

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2006