Invidious Comparisons

Effluent, Excrement, Sewage, and Shit,
Biden: plumb full of it. Putin: true grit.
When taking a piss, if you stand, if you sit,
depends on the pronoun: what you mean by “it.”
Putin and Biden, the world will admit,
means one giving speeches, one throwing a fit;
where one really matters, and one not a whit;
where one has an army, the other no kit;
where one stages dramas, the other a skit.
Where Putin will see this thing though and not quit,
Joe Biden will flatulent fragrance emit
and head for an off-ramp: in other words, “split.”
Putin and Russia write NATO’s obit:
Kiev and Zelenski left sucking hind tit,
while Biden’s mouth-noises the world will omit
as not worth a bucket of warmed-over spit.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023