Double-Dog-Dare-You Appropriations

“You are weak!”
“Am not!”
“Are, too!”
Twerp testosterone on cue,
Teaching grandma to suck eggs. What playground cheek.

“Momma’s boy!”
“That’s you!”
“Not me!”
“Put some pants on or we’ll see
Why your tiny tool makes you Vlad Putin’s toy.”

“That’s mean!”
“I know.
Joe McCarthy wrote this show.
Taught Bill Clinton and Obama where it’s at.”

“Moving right!”
“Me more!”
“You less!”
Hothouse orchids’ Storm and Stress.
Precious peacock pugilism, not a “fight.”

“Russians scared!”
“U S!”
“of A!”
Any how or any way,
Blow the Budget on junk weapons. Nothing spared.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2021