Deputy Dubya Doubles Down

Deputy Dubya doubles down
Betting on bombing, he blitzes a town
Shocking and awe-ing his sycophant scribes
Known for their nodding; needing their bribes

Dim little dauphin; desperate joke
Sawed through a branch that he sat on, then broke
Losing more lives on a lark and a whim
Who but a whore would play harlot for him?

Fortunate profligate; fabulous fraud
Bullies the browbeaten, brandishing “GAWD”
Baiting and switching: bullshit, then swill
Hardly can hide both his hands in the till

Corporate crony of carpetbag crooks
Caught at his borrowing; cooking the books
Robbing the future to finance his fleecing
Greenspan agrees and provides all the greasing

Nancy, the Speaker, has not proven stable:
Cravenly taking her cards off the table
Pressured by turncoats, proposals she tenders
Frightened, this female our freedom surrenders

Blank rubber checks Nancy bounces on cue
Wouldn’t want Dubya to whine for his due
Squandering billions and blood by the barrel
Nudely parading his naked apparel

Dubya the dumb with his gambler’s addiction
Lives for his lies in a lunatic fiction
Sending our soldiers to serve out their time
Stalling till SHE comes to shoulder the crime

Boys need a mother to mop up the mess
Drying their tears in a time of distress
Dubya, though, counts on a diva to do it:
Fib to the folks who in fact know he blew it

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2008