Covert Auction

Under the covers and out of plain sight
(and out of mind, too, the main reason)
the sell-off continues by day and by night
regardless of weather or season,
as financiers try to stem capital flight,
what they see quite clearly as treason.

The Congressmen must have their insider trades
and billionaires, too, must have warning.
So Wall Street and London cook up some charades
to curb any panic and mourning,
lest bank runs result in withdrawal cascades
and dreams of great wealth dead aborning.

But evidence plain of the Empire’s decline
cannot any longer be hidden
and soon enough those with connections and spine
will start taking action unbidden:
to quietly dump what is “yours” and what’s “mine”
for what's "theirs" -- not exactly forbidden.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023