Bring Home the Buy Time Brigade

The Buy Time Brigade is busted
It's run out of money and luck
The guy at the top can't be trusted
Because he does not give a fuck

He starts with his missions “accomplished”
After which he unravels the gain
Then spinning his endless excuses,
He covers up losses and pain

Commanding, Commandments, commanded:
He's fallen in love with command
Stone deaf to how he's been backhanded
By voters and their reprimand

The people don't like what he's doing
They've told him both time and again
They're tired of his endless pooch-screwing
They want the war over by ten:

That's minutes, or hours, or bedtime
That doesn't mean weeks, months, or years
For those who don't listen, it's dead time
Like getting tossed out on their ears

The blood and the billions have vanished
It's time for the twerp to atone
To Dante's tenth level he's banished
A new low for just him alone

Or maybe Dick Cheney will join him
To smirk at his armpit and sneer
Which Dubya will take as a coin hymn
A chant to make money and cheer

The Fig Leaf Contingent from Asia
Has come back again to be heard:
"Fuck him and his fucked-up Fantasia!
No Lyndon Baines Bush: Texas turd!"

And no more from old Tricky Dickies
Those Kissingers, Nixons, and Fords
The vampires who left us with hickeys
From bleeding our necks for their gourds

Just cut off the money and maybes
Just quit all the stalling for time
We don't need these rats with their rabies
To rob us of our last thin dime

The Buy Time Brigade has no reason
Except to die fighting for zilch
To parasites we're open season:
Our pockets and veins they will filch

Yet still with these gruesome reminders,
Obama has hired the same jerks
Who always advise bloody nonsense:
Like staying with what never works

“We’ll know what we see when we see it,”
Said Holbrooke of what he can’t state:
Like one damned good reason for staying
Where wise ones leave early, not late

Yet greed knows no limits too hyper,
And before all our regiments fade,
It's past time to pay off the piper
And bring home the Buy Time Brigade

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2006-2012