A Bridge to Erehwon

She first overtly hunted
Some money for a bridge
Then switched and said she wanted,
For Eskimos, a Fridge.

But still she kept the money
And spent it anyhow
While claiming that her honey
Was — had you heard? — a POW.

Her blatant obfuscation
Has trampled over truth
In lying to the nation
From Dallas to Duluth.

If you want "change" then copy
The man who offered hope,
Then grow some Afghan Poppy
To hook the rubes on dope.

It really doesn't matter
What words the White Girl speaks.
She's madder than a hatter
But thrills the Christian freaks.

America's gone batty:
A Bedlam for the boobs
Who thrive on rumor catty
Seen on their TV tubes.

The folks just want to get on
With life that has no mind.
They thus will always bet on
The bland who lead the blind.

The Valley Girl now utters
Her mall refrain: "fer shure!"
Frank Zappa's song still mutters
The truth: "There is no cure."

She's got some “sex” to offer
If you don't look too close.
But if you buy the proffer,
She'll leave you with a dose.

Republican perversion
From sex suppressed too long
Results in sick subversion
And government gone wrong.

And so to vie for dumb votes
The White Girl gets it on:
Utopia for zygotes!
Spelled backwards: Erehwon.

Michael Murry,"The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2008